Music Worx: Electronic & Dance

Music Worx: Electronic & Dance


Music Worx is a global streaming service specialized in Electronic Music that bring DJs and music fans together. Discover the latest electronic dance music (EDM), hand-picked by our music specialists, in the highest Hi-Fi quality. Find and enjoy the newest tracks from over 10 million artists every day, which are play by the most famous DJs around the globe. Our highly motivated team of Music Worx experts puts only the finest music online and creates unique playlists. You'll find the music you're seeking, the music you love and the music you want to listen to. Choose from 50 genres like Dance, Techno, EDM, House, Hip-Hop, Latin, Lounge, R&B, Jazz etc. Besides mixtapes and playlists that are created individually for you, you can also listen to DJ charts and digital radio (DJ mixes and live streamings from the 2nd half of 2023). You can start streaming Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and more genres immediately for free and without a membership. Preview for 2 minutes for free or get a streaming subscription for only $9.99 a month. For full access, you can sign up for a 30-day free subscription. All songs are also available in Hi-Fi quality and can be played via Chromecast, Bluetooth or ( Sonos and Car play coming soon). What makes Music Worx your favorite music provider:

 - Sound quality up to 1411 kbps in lossless Hi-Fi quality (FLAC). - Unlimited offline mode - Completely commercial-free listening, unlimited skipping of tracks. - Simple editing of your playlist - add tracks with just one click. - Listen to Music Worx simultaneously on various supported devices. - Follow your top DJs. - Get new music from your favorite artists and labels automatically every day. - Get personalised playlists. - Wide range of curated playlists created by our dance music experts. - Listen to pre-promos, which can only be found on Music Worx. - Explore our charts for the latest trends created by DJ Votings around the world. - Enjoy over 50,000 songs for free and add 1,000 more every month. - Get your favourite tracks and albums for your personal collection directly from the app. - As a DJ, you can share all tracks and playlists with your free Streambox software and download them for unlimited offline streaming. - DJs can create their tracks and playlists on-the-go for their gigs. - Play your personal songs on your mobile phone via our player and add them to your playlists. Download the Music Worx app today and enjoy the hottest sound you won't find anywhere else! Visit the app website: Our websites: Music Fans Music PROs General terms and conditions: Privacy policy:

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