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The MassLive Real Estate app delivers up-to-date home listings for sale and rent in Western Mass, combined with the most powerful search tools.  With extensive mapping capabilities and fast response time, MassLive will help you find the ideal home that meets your criteria and automatically finds the near misses that enable you to balance your needs. For those looking to buy or rent in the Pioneer Valley, finding homes in Western Mass and the surrounding areas couldn't be easier. Our new Western Mass Real Estate app can help you find the perfect fit for your next home and keep you up to date on new local MLS listings that can easily be filtered for your preferences. Download and start your search today! Key Features: • Fast Custom Search: Instantly find homes and apartments with adjustable filters like location, price, bedrooms, bathrooms, size and other amenities that put your preferences first • Full Screen Photos: Vivid photos from the exterior and interior of the homes are posted so you know exactly what your dream home will look like • Exact and Close Matches:  Find homes that meet your criteria and also find homes that closely meet your criteria in the order that matters most to you • Connect with Agents: Quickly contact agents for any listings you are interested in • Interactive Maps: Feel free to zoom in and out of the neighborhood so you know what is close by – and define your own ideal geography by drawing your own shapes • Anytime, Anywhere Access: For homebuyers or renters who are on the go, access information on our listings anywhere from your device • Open House Listings: Find out when and where open houses are in the area For real estate agents: • Connect with clients • See what your clients see

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