Kaepernick Football

Kaepernick Football


QUICK 4-ON-4 FOOTBALL ACTION Designed for the phone, 4-on-4 creates the most immersive, streamlined football experience on mobile. Get in and out of games in a matter of minutes! ONE-OF-A-KIND PASS & RUN CONTROLS No preset passes! Develop passing skills as you learn to anticipate the throw and lead your receivers. Get your timing down and hone your craft with short passes, bullet passes and deep bombs...all to lead your team to the promise land. PLAY WITH THE PROS Play as Colin Kaepernick or Dez Bryant and leave it all on the field. These guys bleed passion and football. With them on your team, sky is the limit. BATTLE YOUR WAY THROUGH 16 BRACKETS Play against opponents in tournament format. Can you attain the coveted G.O.A.T. status? ASSEMBLE A TEAM AND TRAIN YOUR PLAYERS Build your team through free agency acquisitions and train your players to maximize their on-field performance! BE A PLAY CALLING GENIUS!
 Build a playbook that takes advantage of your player's strengths. Combine the right plays with the right players and BOOM, you're the "Greatest Show on Turf"! JUKE AND BURN Spin, Jump, Juke, and Dive with intuitive finger swipe controls. When all else fails, barrel through your opponents with the brutal truck move. MAKE ELECTRIC PLAYS Extend a play with a QB scramble when no one is open! PLAY AS THE FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK! --- We got a situation. Your team is down by 4 with 60 seconds left. The game is on the line and you just got the ball. Are you CLUTCH? It is time to shine! Call the play, make the pass, and march your team down for the game-winning drive!

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