Japanese to Chinese Translator  language learning

Japanese to Chinese Translator language learning

Japanese portable assistant - Japanese learning, Japanese-Chinese mutual translation, travel essential tools in Japan This is a translation assistant productivity tool that helps you to translate Japanese into Chinese. We recommend that you use it in a Wi-Fi environment for a smoother and faster experience. The company is located in: In many cases, most of the texts translated automatically by translation websites on the Internet are unsatisfactory. Often the result of "machine turning" (which we call "machine translation") translates a word mechanically into its immediate literal meaning. Lost the meaning of the sentence before the translation. This can also lead to poor communication and communication, which ultimately leads to poor user experience and unexpected results. In order to solve all sorts of problems that arise during these translations, we have developed this portable translation assistant to help you easily resolve this issue. Can spell words and live pronunciation A key to clear the word Able to copy words Ability to save history Hold down the "History" button, you can delete the query word. Gently click the "History" button, you can re-query the translation results. We hope this dictionary feature will help beginners find it easier and easier to learn Chinese and Japanese. The Daily Turn: You can use this high-productivity utility while you work, live, study, travel, and chat with Japanese friends. You can use it to help you look at Japanese dramas, watching Japanese comics, watching J-Pop, singing songs, listening to Japanese NHK news, Asahi Shimbun, and all Japanese-Japanese related things. Japanese people think and understand issues as authentic as they are, learn Japanese culture, and learn more about Japanese society. Mid-turn: In turn, you can also translate Chinese into Japanese, and with this tool you can translate your Mandarin into more authentic Japanese, giving you a more standard, colloquial Japanese translation of the results. So that your communication more fluid, more smooth communication. At the same time this application can also give the selected word standard Japanese and Chinese pronunciation. Helps you practice speaking and memory. The company is located in: If you have any suggestions or comments, please send us a message on the Support page. We will do our best to help you solve your problems. Application support page URL: https://www.facebook.com/Translation.application.series/info

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