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GoodWork makes it easy to book quality and trusted home and wellness services in the Philippines. Our home services help to keep your home organized so you can spend more time with your family. Hire trusted service providers in these categories: Home cleaning/condo cleaning Laundry pick-up and delivery service Telehealth consultations Plumbing and carpentry repairs Nail care We also have wellness and beauty services to keep you stress-free - like massage and manicure & pedicure services. We've served thousands of customers in Metro Manila with our two biggest services, home cleaning and laundry. All services can be done in the comfort of your home at your preferred time so there is no hassle for your schedule. If you are a mom, a millennial or anyone in need of trusted solutions for your home, GoodWork will help you relax and make your life easy. Time to book your next service with GoodWork! GoodWork Service Providers are talented independent freelancers and small businesses in Metro Manila that are experts in their fields and take a lot of pride in their work. They are passionate about offering great services and building their reputation on GoodWork. You can chat directly with the service providers on our app or by calling them directly with “Call the Pro” feature. GoodWork's features make it super easy and fast to hire and interact with service providers. We’ve made the booking process easy for you to save time. Hire service providers with these steps: - Select the type of service you need - home cleaning for your condo or fast laundry delivery services - tell us your location, your preferred date and time, and any extra details about your service request. - We show you a service price or an estimated price depending on the type of service - for instance an aircon cleaning has a fixed price but an aircon repair requires one of our expert technicians to inspect the appliance first. - We then match you with one of our talented Service Providers who fits your needs. - service provider comes at the proper time and you enjoy trusted quality services to keep your home clean and safe for your family! GoodWork Features: - Loved the service and want the same service provider? Book Again feature let's you book the same pro for the same price! - Rewards for loyal customers! Book and complete 10 services and get 400 pesos off on your 11th booking.That's a free home cleaning! - Share GoodWork with a friend and earn rewards faster. Your friend gets 100 pesos off when they use your referral code to book a service! - want your home cleaned ASAP? we also have same day home cleaning if you book before 12PM - Cashless payment is now available in the app! Pay for your service faster and safer. Our Telehealth and Wellness services aim to help you improve your overall well-being. Talk to trusted and licensed doctors and consult with them online without leaving your home. Hire doctors that are friendly, reliable, and experts in their specializations. Save time and effort without going out of your home to visit a hospital. Our wellness services help you destress and keep you energized after a long week. Skip the traffic and the lines at salons and enjoy salon quality service at home. GoodWork home cleaners, laundry partners, plumbers, technicians, and therapists want to offer you the best service - whether it’s cleaning your messy condo, washing your dirty laundry, fixing your clogged pipe or broken toilet, repairing your old home appliance, or offering the best massage or manicure at home. When your service is complete please leave a rating about the GoodWork Pro. The best Service Providers will earn the best ratings and do the most jobs for users. Looking to hire trusted and reliable Home & Wellness Service Providers in the Philippines? Save time and book your next home cleaning and laundry service with us. Get the GoodWork app and book a service today! GoodWork's home services are available in all of Metro Manila.

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