Enter Perdition

Enter Perdition

An airship crashes, jettisoning valuable cargo. Lead your war clan of Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, or others to the treasure—but beware. The once gentle centaurs of the plains are all WitchBorn now. 

• Welcome to the world of The WitchBorn®—a campaign-based miniatures game for 2-6 players
 • Build your own war clan and guide warriors through continuing adventures as they rise to become dominant heroes
 • Enter Perdition features rich storytelling usually only found in roleplaying games—the app replaces a Game Master

 • Fans of The Chase app can use Enter Perdition with the same battlemap and rules to gain some brand-new encounters Enter Perdition is updated to be the first adventure in the series. The app reveals random discoveries, detailing what your warriors see and hear. It also provides the notes you need for every odd character you meet, from an undead horse thief swinging from a hangman’s noose to a gruesome Orc who wants to rescue a girl who can raise the dead.

 Visit us at www.WitchBorn.com to find our engaging rules, beautiful battlemaps, and to build your own war clans. Privacy Policy: https://witchborn.com/index.cfm/privacy-disclaimer

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