DA Connect

DA Connect

DA Connect - The social platform for our organization: employees and external partners DA Connect is the social platform for our organization that lets you easily share knowledge, information, documents and expertise - all readily accessible through our straightforward interface. DA Connect simplifies and streamlines your organization’s internal and external communications. With the DA Connect mobile application you can be assured of always being informed of your organization’s day-to-day operations. You have access to all files, information and your team and can quickly respond to incoming messages, share ideas and answer questions. 
 From now on, overflowing inboxes and lost documents belong to the past. You will save valuable time, since using DA Connect will reduce the amount of email both sent and received. Also, the detailed search function will help you quickly retrieve information and documents and find people with exactly the knowledge and expertise you need.
 The advantages of DA Connect - Communicate – no matter where you are - Access all information, documents and knowledge - any time, any place - Share and discuss ideas - internally and externally - Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise available at your organization - Save time through reduced e-mail traffic and our fast search function - Share private messages securely - Never miss important news Security & management DA Connect is 100% European. All data is hosted at a highly secure and climate-neutral data centres in Europe. These centres makes use of state-of-the-art security technology. In the event of a disruption there’s no need to worry: our engineers are on standby 24/7 to resolve any problems that may occur. Feature list - Timeline - Groups - Private messages - News items - Share documents - Third-party integrations - Working together from desktop and mobile

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