Call Tracker for  Sugar CRM

Call Tracker for Sugar CRM

Call Tracker for Sugar CRM is a mobile app intended to transfer information about incoming and outgoing calls from smartphones into CRM (customer relationship management) system. It is exactly what you need if you make a lot of calls every day due to your business activity. You can store all data about calls in one place – in the CRM system. You can automate the manual process of entering data about every call to the CRM. The application allows users to track the duration and number of calls to every contact, allows to add notes and voice notes to the call log, to create rules to enable automatic call tracking for individual contacts. It also lets you add and edit the information before saving the call log into the CRM. After every call, the application will ask you- save the call info to the CRM or not. You can later go inside the app and choose what call logs you want to save to the CRM. The application is able to work offline and pending activities will sync automatically when the Internet connection is restored. *This application was developed to work with Sugar CRM by M1MW. This application is not developed by Sugar CRM. Sugar CRM is the registered trademark. SMS tracking is NOT available right now! How it Works Using Call Tracker is much easier than it may seem! 1. You should have a Sugar CRM account. Set the connection to your CRM inside the application (enter your credentials). Make sure that the Login status is “Online”. 2. You need to activate your free trial subscription (go to Menu - Configuration- Check for subscription) or buy the subscription. 3. Make or receive a call on your smartphone. 4. After the end of the call, you can choose to save it into your CRM, and the app will automatically send call info into the CRM (who called, date, call duration). That’s it! You can also: - set up rules for certain contact (always save or never save into a CRM), and add notes (or voice notes) to the saved call; - choose the destination where to save voice notes. FAQ Features - Tracks incoming and outgoing calls in your CRM; - Allows you to add comments or voice notes and save them into CRM; - The app provides you an opportunity to create planned activities into your CRM and set a reminder for them; - Create call storage rules (always save / never save / always ask); - Add unknown phone numbers with proper information (first, last name, company, etc.) to your phone and CRM. *This is not spyware, and the application tracks calls only by user permission Pricing $3.99* – 1 month subscription; $10.99* – 3 months subscription; $19.99* – 6 months subscription; $34.99* – 1 year subscription. *plus taxes are collected in some countries. --->>> 7 days of FREE trial period <<<--- GET IN TOUCH E-mail: We are here to help! Feel free to send us any questions or suggestions you have, even if they are CRM-related. Follow us Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: LinkedIn:

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