1000 jumping rope  BeStronger

1000 jumping rope BeStronger


Jumping rope is one of the most popular cardio exercises. Jumping rope is useful both for weight loss and for improving the functional qualities of the athlete. They are used in almost every sport: fitness, martial arts, crossfit and many others. The rope is a very compact sports equipment that does not take up much space. You can always take it with you outside or even on vacation. The training program for 1000 jumping rope is based on the principle of progressive growth of the exercise. And even if now you can do just a few jumps, in a couple of weeks you will be able to increase your result by an order of magnitude. Application functions: 💪 levels from 0 to 1000 repetitions; 💪 training history 💪 quick statistics; 💪 achievements; 💪 reminders;

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